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Our Mission: At Gresham Heights Learning Center (GHLC), we are dedicated to providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum with loving and trusting environments where children can flourish. We care for children from age 6 weeks to 12 years old at our two child care facilities in Gresham. Interested in scheduling a tour? Contact us today!

Infant Room

GHLC strives to build trust with you and your baby while providing a high-quality, caring atmosphere. We have committed ourselves to working as a team with our families and to create a loving and stimulating environment for your baby to grow in.

We encourage our babies to explore and learn about their environment and one another. Their daily routine is self-directed based on each individual family’s preferences (napping, feeding, diapering).

Our daily lesson plans include stories, puzzles, singing songs, finger plays, bubbles, outside strolls, and so much more. There are plenty of toys to play with, as well as room to crawl, roll, learn to walk, and to just be a baby!


“Going back to work and leaving my twin girls was hard. Gresham Heights made me feel better about it!”

“My daughter loves it there. I love it because she gets to play with other babies her same age and the teachers are so nice.”

Toddler Room

At GHLC, we understand the importance of the “toddler years.” It is a time when so much is happening, and your active toddler will be eager to meet those changes and challenges head on! Our toddler classroom is designed to allow for exploration and learning in a safe environment filled with peers, laughter, and loving teachers.

Our toddlers stay busy and involved in learning through our teacher-directed daily lesson plans. These lesson plans include art projects, songs, story time, outside play, and so much more! Our teachers also work to help our toddlers begin to learn how to identify their feelings while setting limits that are firm, fair, and consistent. This helps them to thrive!


“My son is always smiling and playing when I come to pick him up, it is nice to know he enjoys it there.”

“Having people who are experienced and on board with the potty training was so helpful for my family.”

Preschool Program

Our preschool programs prepare your child for kindergarten success and beyond. We have committed ourselves to working with families to provide a loving, stimulating environment that will make our students’ childhood enjoyable.

GHLC has established a daily routine and curriculum to help prepare them for the school environment that will soon be in their future. We put a focus on their cognitive, social, language, writing, math, and science skills, and begin to work on learning letters and numbers.

These skills are introduced in fun ways that get the children involved and interested. Gross motor skills and outside sensory play (weather permitting) are done on our large playgrounds, which are located behind each building. This provides a safe environment for the children to run, jump, ride big wheels, and just be kids!

Our staff encourages our preschoolers to play independently, as well as include others in their play. We listen to and respond to their feelings. In addition, we read them lots of stories and encourage their imaginative play. We provide sensitive support, safety, and protection, and help them develop trust in other consistent adults.

GHLC uses positive words to set limits consistently, firmly, and fairly. We encourage children’s curiosity and small discoveries, and help them with simple problem-solving. Most of all, we enjoy these little ones, and our staff has amazing patience in working with them.


“I love seeing all the cute art projects my daughter makes. The best part is that she is so excited to show it to me!”

“Anytime I ask my three year old “What did you do today?” he always has an answer.”

Before School Care

For some parents, before-school care can be a headache, but not for parents of GHLC kids! We have many school-aged children who need a safe and interesting place to stay until school begins.

Our locations open at 6 a.m., so rest assured that if you have an early work day, we can meet your child care needs. We will provide your child with a nutritious breakfast to start their day off right. If there is any homework to finish up or extra reading to do, we take advantage of these early mornings for those purposes. We also provide other options for those who do not have homework to catch up on.

GHLC also provides safe and reliable van transportation to and from schools within the Centennial and Gresham School Districts. Check with us to see if your child’s school is on our daily van routes.

Kid Bucks

Our students have several opportunities each day to earn kid bucks. Each child has their own account where they save their “kid bucks” until the teacher opens the “Kid Buck Store,” and they can cash in on prizes! Needless to say, our school-agers stay busy until Mom or Dad comes to pick them up!


“I like coming here and having fun, and we get to go outside!” – Colton, age 9

“It’s fun and awesome here.” – Maddy, age 6

“It’s exciting.” – Savannah, age 6

Afterschool Care

GHLC provides a high-quality, caring atmosphere for our school-aged students. Our afterschool program is full of fun, engaging, and challenging activities our school-aged kids truly enjoy! You could find any of the following activities on our daily schedule:

Cooking Club: Our kids learn to make cooking fun! Some items on the menu have been fruit sushi, dipped pencils, and candy apple marshmallow ghosts.

Science Experiments: The messier, the better is the motto for science experiments here at GHLC! Our kids have experimented with things such as dry ice ropes, owl throw up, bubbling bats, and elephant toothpaste.

Art Projects: Our kids get a chance to create art on a daily basis, whether it is pumpkin creations, marble painting, or build-your-own cardboard towers.

Group Games: We take advantage of our large playgrounds and grassy areas to stretch our legs and play together. Our staff is great at leading group games.

Homework Club: Our school-agers and parents have the option to sign up for this club – and you guessed it, do their homework! They enjoy being with friends and completing their work before going home. We reward our club members with a popsicle party at the end of every week.

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